Union Square

Written by Rosanna Yuen

3.81.1. Setup

Type of Deck Double Deck
Stock Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. No redeals.
Waste To be taken from Stock. Top card available for play.
Tableau Deal face up a four by four grid for the Tableau, making sixteen piles. Top card of each pile available for play.
Foundation Four piles on the right. Foundation piles are built by suit from Ace to King, then King back to Ace.

3.81.2. Goal

Move all cards to Foundations.

3.81.3. Rules

Cards in Tableau can be built either up or down in suit. However, each pile must follow only one of these rules. For example, if a Tableau pile has a three of clubs over a two of clubs, one can only play a four of clubs on this pile. Any available card can be played on to an empty Tableau pile.

Foundation piles are to be built in suit from Ace to King, followed by another King, then back down to Ace, giving 26 cards per pile when game is won. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play.

Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. Top card of Waste is available for play. There is no redeal.

3.81.4. Scoring

Each card moved to Foundations scores one point.

Maximum possible score: 104

3.81.5. Strategy

A string of beads can be added to from both ends, and so should your piles. Make good use of any empty slots to append cards. With a little perseverance, this game can be a lot of fun!