Written by Rosanna Yuen

3.56.1. Setup

Type of Deck Standard Deck
Foundation Four piles on left. To be built up in suit from Ace to King.
Tableau Seven piles. Deal three rows face down followed by three rows face up. Then deal two more rows face up in the middle five piles.

3.56.2. Goal

Move all cards to the Foundation piles.

3.56.3. Rules

Cards in the Tableau are built down by suit. Groups of cards can be moved regardless of sequence. Groups of cards in sequence can be moved into an appropriate and receptive Foundation pile. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a King or a group of cards with a King on the bottom.

Foundations are built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play.

3.56.4. Options


3.56.5. Scoring

When game is dealt, any sequence of cards going down in suit is awarded one point per card. Every move within the Tableau will award a point for every card in the newly created sequence. A point is also rewarded for every card placed on to the Foundation.

Maximum possible score: 412

3.56.6. Strategy

The more you can hold on to, the more you will have. Try to keep cards out of Foundations as long as possible. The larger the sequences, the more points are made.