Written by Rosanna Yuen

3.12.1. Setup

Type of Deck Standard Deck
Stock Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. There are no redeals.
Reserve Three piles to the right of Stock. One card is dealt into each of the Reserves every time the Stock is clicked.
Foundation Four piles on the top right. Foundations are built up in sequence regardless of suit.
Tableau Deal face up eight piles of three cards each.

3.12.2. Goal

Move all cards to the Foundation piles.

3.12.3. Rules

Cards in the Tableau are built down regardless of suit. Cards can only be moved singly. An empty pile in the Tableau can not be filled.

Cards are flipped from the Stock on to the three Reserve piles, one card each per deal. Top card of each Reserve pile is available for play. Empty Reserve piles cannot be filled except with the next deal from Stock.

Foundation piles are built up regardless of suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundation are no longer in play.

3.12.4. Scoring

Each card in the Foundation piles scores one point.

Maximum possible score: 52

3.12.5. Strategy

Never look backwards. Cards that are locked in backwards order are to be dealt with as soon as possible. Move as many cards from the Reserve on to the Tableau as you can, for Kings are hard to move.