Written by Rosanna Yuen

3.61.1. Setup

Type of Deck Standard Deck
Stock Top left pile.
Waste Next to Stock. The Waste can only hold one card.
Tableau Five by five grid. Each slot can only hold one card.

3.61.2. Goal

Score as many points as possible using poker hands. There are twelve hands in the board -- 5 rows, 5 columns, and 2 diagonals. Scoring 75 points or higher is considered a win.

3.61.3. Rules

Click on the Stock to flip over cards one at a time. The card must be placed somewhere on to the Tableau before the next card can be flipped. Once placed, a card cannot be moved.

3.61.4. Options

Shuffle mode: If selected, you can move the cards after they have been placed. You need at least 120 points to win this way.

3.61.5. Scoring

Poker hands are scored using the British point system, which is as follows

Hand Description Score
Straight flush Cards are all in sequence and are the same suit 30
Four of a kind Contains four cards have the same rank 16
Straight Cards are all in sequence 12
Full House Three of one rank and two of another 10
Three of a kind Contains three cards have the same rank 6
Flush All five cards are the same suit 5
Two pair Contains two sets of two cards of the same rank 3
One pair Contains two cards of the same rank 1

Maximum possible score: 276

3.61.6. Strategy

Remember you are going to see almost half the deck and plan accordingly. Trying to bluff the computer is not recommended.