Written by W. Borgert

3.60.1. Setup

Type of Deck Double Deck
Stock Third row from the right side in the middle. Two redeals are allowed.
Waste Fourth row from the right in the middle, directly left of the stock.
Foundation Right eight piles. One card is already there at start. This is the base card. All fields have to be started with this card.
Plait The group of cards in the middle of the table. Starts with 20 cards. Only the one top level card can be moved.
Edges The four fields at the top and bottom, left and right of the plait. These are automatically refilled from the plait.
Tableau The eight fields left and right of the plait, between the edge fields. Only one card per pile is possible.

3.60.2. Goal

Move all cards to Foundations.

3.60.3. Rules

All eight Foundations have to be started with the same card value. At the beginning you can choose whether to build up or down. You can take cards from the plait in the middle of the tableau, from the eight free fields left and right of the plait, from the four edges around the plait, and from the waste.

The game is lost if no available cards can be moved on to the Foundation piles and the Stock is empty.

3.60.4. Scoring

No scoring. You either win or lose.

3.60.5. Strategy

Pick the cards from the plait as soon as possible as they are hard to free. Then pick the cards from the tableau as it will give you empty slots to temporarily store some cards.