Written by Ed Sirett

3.36.1. Setup

Type of Deck Double Deck
Stock Top left pile. All cards are placed here after dealing on the Tableau. Cards are dealt a row at a time onto the tableau piles. No redeals.
Foundation Eight piles top right. To be built up in suit from Ace to King. Topmost card in each Foundation can be played back on to the Tableau.
Tableau Eight piles. Deal one card face up to all eight piles.
Reserve To the right of the Tableau. Initially empty. May contain any single card.

3.36.2. Goal

Move all cards to the Foundation piles.

3.36.3. Rules

Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating-colors. Cards are moved singly or in groups. An empty slot in the Tableau can be filled with any card. There is an option to restrict the movement to only cards of the same suit. See below.

Cards are dealt from the Stock to the Tableau in complete rows. The reserve may be empty or occupied as you wish.

Foundations are built up from suit from Ace to King. Top cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible. Double clicking on a Foundation will automatically move as many cards as possible to the Foundations.

3.36.4. Options

There are two ways to play. The difference between them is in how the cards may be built in the tableau.

Same suit

Cards must be of the same suit to be moved as a group and must be placed on a card of the same suit.

Alternating colors

To be moved as a gorup cards must be in a sequence of alternaing colors. The top card must be placed on a card of the opposite color.

3.36.5. Scoring

Each card in the Foundation piles scores one point.

Maximum possible score: 104

3.36.6. Strategy

Avoid leaving small cards buried in the tableau. Use the Reserve wisely.