Playing AisleRiot

Use the mouse to move cards. Click a card and drag it somewhere. Release the mouse button to deposit the card.

Alternatively, you can move a card by clicking once to pick it up and clicking again to place it. To enable this way of moving cards, choose Control ▸ Click to move. This can be faster than dragging and will be easier on your hand since you don't have to hold the mouse down. However, it may take a while to get used to.

If a card can be moved to the foundation(s), you do not need to drag it. You can double-click on it and it will move. If a sequence of cards can be moved to the foundations, you can generally move the sequence as one move.

Double clicking a card will send it to a foundation, if that is possible. This is useful for cleaning up large numbers of cards at the end of a successful game.

In games which have a stock pile you can redeal it by clicking on the empty space where it was. Be warned that some games only let you do this a limited number of time. Watch for the Redeals Left message at the bottom of the window.

A useful tip to know is that right-clicking on a face-up card which is partially obscured by a card laid over it will raise it so that you can see what it is.

Some games have options to change the way the game is played. For example Klondike can be played with either single card deals or three-card deals. In these games there is a separate menu with the game's name. You can only change the rules of the game at the beginning of the game - the menu will be inactive during the game.

Statistics on how well you have done at a particular game are available by selecting Statistics from the Game menu. Only games where you actually start moving cards are counted. The statistics are here for your own enjoyment, there are numerous ways to cheat and it is unwise to make comparisons.