Ten Across

Written by James LewisMoss

3.74.1. Setup

Type of Deck Standard Deck
Temporary Spots Locations to place one card out of play. The spots begin the game filled. One version of the game does not allow you to put new cards into these spots once they are empty.
Tableau Ten piles across the bottom. To deal place 10 cards across going from left to right with the first and last cards face up. Continuing you place ten cards across the piles from right to left (reversed) with the first two and last two cards placed face up. Continue this pattern (reversed and one more card each pass) until 50 cards have been placed. Place the last two cards in the temporary spots at the top.

3.74.2. Goal

Form four piles in the tableau all of the same suit running from King to Ace.

3.74.3. Rules

Only a King may be moved to a blank tableau spot.

Cards may be moved only onto other cards if the suit matches and the moved card is one less than the moved to. This includes moving a pile of cards of different suits as long as the top card of the moved pile matches the bottom card of the location moved to.

3.74.4. Options

Allow temporary spots use: If checked the temporary spots may be reused.

3.74.5. Scoring

You win or lose. There is no scoring.

3.74.6. Strategy

This game is hard to win (being very influenced by how the cards are placed to begin with). Don't forget you have the temporary spots. Try to clear them quickly because they are very useful when you get stuck.