Written by Ed Sirett

3.1.1. Setup

Type of Deck Standard Deck
Tableau Fifty-four spaces in five rows of nine and a last row of seven. Deal cards face up one per space. The spaces should be considered as one continuous line, the rows simply arrange the tableau so all of it can be seen at once. Thus the rightmost space of a row is to be considered to the left of the leftmost space of the row below.

3.1.2. Goal

To remove all cards except one.

3.1.3. Rules

Cards are moved singly. Any card can be moved over another card of the same suit or rank that is in the space immediately to its left or three spaces to its left. The card that is covered is removed from play. All the cards (if any) in spaces to the right of the resulting gap are moved to the left one space so as to close the gap. Double-clicking causes the card to move three spaces, if possible, or failing that one space to the left.

3.1.4. Scoring

Each card removed scores 1 point.

Maximum possible score: 51

3.1.5. Strategy

This is a diffcult game. Try to find two or three cards of the same rank at or near the last row. Try not to remove any card of this rank. At the end you can move these cards onto each other to win.