Written by Rosanna Yuen

3.46.1. Setup

Type of Deck Standard Deck
Stock Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. No redeals.
Waste To be taken from Stock. Top card available for play.
Foundation Four piles on top right. Deal one card on first Foundation pile to start. Other Foundation piles are to be started with the other three cards with the same rank as this base card. All four piles are to be built up, with the ranks continuous.
Reserve Pile under Stock. Deal twelve cards here to begin. Top card available for play on to Tableau or Foundation piles.
Tableau Three piles bottom right. Deal one card on each pile to start. Piles can be built down regardless of suit. Spaces are automatically filled from Reserve. Once Reserve is empty, Tableau spaces can be filled from the Waste at your leisure.

3.46.2. Goal

Move all cards on to Foundation piles.

3.46.3. Rules

Cards in the Tableau are built down regardless of suit. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty slot in the Tableau is filled automatically from the Reserve. If the Reserve is empty, an empty slot can be filled by the top card of the Waste at your leisure.

Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. Top card is available for play. There is no redeal.

Foundations are built up in suit from the base card (first card dealt to first Foundation). New Foundations are started when a card of the same rank as this base card is placed on an empty Foundation pile. Aces are built on Kings, and twos on Aces. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible.

3.46.4. Scoring

Each card in the Foundation piles scores one point.

Maximum possible score: 52

3.46.5. Strategy

You can't go digging through junkyards. Once a card is buried in the waste, it is hard to get back. Try and move as many cards from the Waste to the Tableau as possible.