Written by Zach Keene

3.34.1. Setup

Type of Deck Standard Deck
Stock All cards are dealt into four rows of 13 cards each; the aces are then discarded to leave four gaps. Two redeals are allowed.

3.34.2. Goal

To place all cards in sequence from 2 to king, in suit.

3.34.3. Rules

Gaps in the leftmost column may be filled by moving a 2 of any suit there. A gap to the right of any non-King card may be filled by placing the card with the same suit but one rank higher into the gap. Gaps following Kings or other gaps may not be filled.

Once a card is placed in a sequence starting with a 2 in the leftmost slot, it can no longer be moved.

If no moves are possible (i.e., all gaps follow Kings), double-clicking any card will cause a redeal. Any cards not in sequence will be removed, shuffled, and redealt. Only two redeals are allowed.

3.34.4. Options

Randomly Placed Gaps on Redeal: Check this to have randomly placed gaps after a redeal. If unchecked, the gaps will always be placed directly to the right of any cards already in sequence after redealing.

3.34.5. Scoring

Each card placed in sequence, starting with a two in the leftmost slot, is worth one point.

Maximum possible score: 48

3.34.6. Strategy

Put off making any move that will add a gap after a king for as long as possible.