15.1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 2Player Shortcuts
Shortcuts Actions
Ctrl+p Play / Pause
Ctrl+Left Jump to the Previous Track / Back to the beginning of the track
Ctrl+Right Jump to the Next Track
Ctrl+Up Increase playback volume
Ctrl+Down Decrease playback volume
Ctrl+R Enable / Disable Repeat play
Ctrl+U Enable / Disable Shuffle play
Table 3General Shortcuts
Shortcuts Actions
Ctrl+A Select All
Shift+Ctrl+A Deselect All
Ctrl+J Jump to playing song
Alt+S Jump to search field
Alt+Return Display the Track Properties
Table 4Window Shortcuts
Shortcuts Actions
Ctrl+Q Quit the Rhythmbox Music Player
Ctrl+B Show / Hide the browser
F9 Show / Hide the side pane
Ctrl+K Show / Hide the Queue Sidebar
F11 Toggle / Untoggle the Full Screen mode

15.2. Multimedia Keys

Rhythmbox Music Player supports the keys on multimedia keyboards, if configured in your desktop environment.

Table 5Window Shortcuts
Shortcuts Actions
Stop Stop
Pause / Play Pause / Play
Prev Previous Played Track
Next Next Track

15.3. Linux Infrared Remote Control

The Rhythmbox Music Player includes a plugin for Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC) support. The following command strings are supported, using the program name 'rhythmbox':

Table 6Window Shortcuts
Command string Action
play Start playback
pause Pause playback
playpause Toggle between playing and paused
shuffle Toggle the shuffle play order
repeat Toggle the repeat play order
next Skip to the next track
previous Skip to the previous track
seek_forward Skip 10 seconds forward in the playing track
seek_backward Skip 10 seconds backward in the playing track
volume_up Increase the playback volume by 10%
volume_down Decrease the playback volume by 10%
mute Mute the playback