Customizing Rhythmbox Music Player

This section describes how to customize Rhythmbox Music Player to suit your requirements and preferences.

14.1. Setting Your Preferences

Using the Preferences dialog you can customize how you want Rhythmbox Music Player to look and behave. To display the Preferences dialog, choose Preferences from the application menu on the top bar.

14.1.1. General

Choose the way the Browser View will be displayed. You can choose to use three or two panes and what the panes should display.

Choose the Visible Columns you want to display in Rhythmbox Music Player. This option affects the following sources:

  • Library
  • Audio CD
  • Portable Players
  • Playlists
  • DAAP Music shares

14.1.2. Music

  • The Library Location is a folder that Rhythmbox Music Player will monitor to find new songs. When you add new audio files in this folder or its sub-folders with the file browser (like Nautilus), Rhythmbox Music Player will detect them and they will be added automatically in the Library.

    Avoid to set your Home folder as library location because this feature is CPU consuming.

    To disable the watch functionality deselect Watch my library for new files.

    If you want to add more than one folder to watch, use gconf-editor and add it to the list /app/rhythmbox/library_locations

14.1.3. Podcasts

  • The Download Location of Podcasts is defined by default to the Podcasts/ folder in your home directory.

    If this location doesn't fit your needs, select another folder in the drop-down list or choose Other to make the File Selector appear.

  • Choose the frequency that Rhythmbox Music Player will check for new podcast episodes.

14.1.4. Sharing

The Rhythmbox Music Player can share your Library contents over your Local Area Network, to other Rhythmbox Music Player and Apple iTunes users.

  • Select Share my music to enable the users of your network to see and read your songs.
  • Enter the name of you want to appear of the network in the field Shared music name.

14.1.5. profile

The profile plugin collects information about the songs you listen to and sends it to the website, building up a profile of your listening habits. With this profile, you can:

  • consult statistics, such as most played songs or most played artists.
  • receive recommendations about artists that you might like.

In order to use the profile plugin, you must have a account. If you don't already have one, use the signup page to create one. Enter your account details in the Username and Password fields in the profile plugin configuration window.

The configuration window for the profile plugin also displays status information. If your profile page shows that your profile is not being updated, the information displayed here may help you to diagnose the problem.