Library Source

The Library is the main source available in the Rhythmbox Music Player, it is the database that contains all the music files that you import in the Rhythmbox Music Player (The Library stores the path to access your music files, not the files themself).

The Library can not only contains music files which are physically on your computer (in your HOME Directory for instance), but it can also contains music files available over remote network services. Some examples of supported network services are :

  • Public FTP
  • Authenticated FTP
  • NFS
  • Windows Share

The files imported in the Library are displayed in the track list with the information (like the Artist name or the Album name) stored in the tags embedded on the tracks. Rhythmbox Music Player uses these tags to display the tracks in an organized manner.

Tags can be modified by right-clicking, then choosingProperties and filling in the details on the window that appears.

5.1. Add tracks in the Library

To add tracks to the Library, you can follow these different methods:

  • If you want to import several music files located in a folder, choose Add Music from the the application menu on the top bar, then select the folder in the file selector and press the Open button. All the music files located in the folder and its sub-folders will be imported.
  • Drag and drop files from the file manager (like Nautilus) over the Rhythmbox window.

If you have enabled the watch directory function (see Section 14.1.2 ― Music), all the music files stored under the chosen directory will be added to the Library. New files added later will be also added.

5.2. Remove tracks from the Library

To remove a track from the library but leave it on the disk, right-click on the track and choose Remove. The track and its properties (like rating or the play count) are removed from the Rhythmbox database.

To delete a track from the Library and also from your disk, right-click on the track and choose Move to Trash. The track will be removed in the same way as previous, but the file will be moved in to the file manager Trash.

5.3. Find tracks using Search

Rhythmbox comes with a search function, which enables you to find and filter tracks by using a search term.

Enter some text in the search entry, and as you type, only the tracks that match the text entered will be displayed. The search function does the lookup in all of the tags of the tracks stored in the Library.

To perform a more precise search, you can choose to lookup only in specific tags Artists, Albums or Titles.

5.4. Find tracks using the Browser

The Browser is another convenient way to find tracks. The Browser is a two or three pane view which enable to navigate among music genres, artists and albums and display tracks that match the chosen criteria.

First, to display the Browser, select Browse in the tool bar. Select artist, album and genre, and as you choose, only the tracks that match your choice will be displayed in the track list. The criteria on the columns apply from the left to the right.

You can choose several criteria of the same category by using the key Ctrl.

You can also find from a selected track in the track list, all of the tracks with the same genre, artist or album name. Select a track in the track list, right-click on it, and choose Browse this Genre/Artist/Album. Then the browser will filter the tracks using the criteria chosen.