Using Rhythmbox Music Player

4.1. Playing Music

To play a track, select the track and press the Play button on the toolbar, or simply double-click on the track to start playing.

When the track ends, Rhythmbox Music Player jumps to play the next track in the list showed in view pane.

In the Library you can play all songs from an artist or a single album simply selecting Album or Artist entry in the library browser.

4.1.1. Next/Play/Previous

The Next and Previous buttons can be used to skip between tracks while playing. If a track is currently playing, the previous button will restart the track. Pressing the Play button will start playing the current track.

4.1.2. Repeat

The option Repeat makes the Rhythmbox Music Player restart to play tracks from the beginning of the list when it reach the last track.

To activate repeat, press the button Repeat on the toolbar.

4.1.3. Shuffle

The option Shuffle makes the Rhythmbox Music Player play tracks in a random order.

To activate shuffle, press the button Shuffle on the toolbar.

4.1.4. Volume Control

The volume control is located in the right hand of the toolbar. Pressing the loudspeaker icon will show the volume slider. Sliding this up and down will increase and decrease the volume. The loudspeaker icon will change to reflect the relative volume.

You can adjust the volume by using the mouse scroll wheel over the loudspeaker icon.