Audio CD Source

Rhythmbox Music Player can also handle Audio CDs; it can play CDs and also let you burn your own.

10.1. Playing

When an Audio CD is inserted, it will appear in the side pane, and the tracks on it can be displayed in Rhythmbox Music Player's main window. If you are connected to the Internet, the CD details will be retrieved and displayed.

To play and pause playback, or to skip forward or backwards, use the same controls as used for playing from the library.

10.2. Importing Audio CD

If you wish to keep the tracks of your Audio CDs on your computer, you can import them.

To import Audio CD tracks, choose Extract in the tool bar.

10.3. Creating Audio CD

Rhythmbox enables you to create you own Audio CDs with the music stored in the Rhythmbox Library.

To create an Audio CD:

  1. Create a playlist, static or smart (see Section 9 ― Playlists Source) and add tracks.
  2. Choose Playlist in the tool bar.
  3. Select Create Audio CD.
  4. Insert a blank CD.
  5. Click the button Create, the burning process starts.