Notification Area

13.1. Overview

The Notification Area is a GNOME feature that adds a small icon to the panel while the program is running; this allows you to control Rhythmbox Music Player from your tray, and receive information when the Rhythmbox Music Player interface is not visible.

Figure 4Rhythmbox Music Player in the Notification Area

13.2. Get information

13.2.1. Tooltip information

When you move the mouse cursor over the Rhythmbox Music Player icon, you can see the track artist, the track name and the time position.

13.2.2. Notification window

Each time the track has changed or a podcast episode was downloaded, the Rhythmbox Music Player can inform you; it displays a notification window on the desktop, containing the information.

Figure 5The notification window of Rhythmbox Music Player

The notification window can be disabled by deselecting the Show Notifications option from the context menu of the icon in the notification area.

13.3. Control Rhythmbox

Using the Rhythmbox Music Player icon in the notification area, the following commands can be sent to the application:

Figure 6Notification Area (showing menu)

  • Play — If selected, plays the currently selected song.
  • Previous — Skip to previous song in the selected source.
  • Next — Skip to next song in the selected source.
  • Show Window Player — Choose whether or not the Rhythmbox Music Player window is visible or not on the desktop.
  • Show Notifications — Choose whether or not the Rhythmbox Music Player will notify you about track changes and various information.
  • Quit — Quit the Rhythmbox Music Player.

If you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can adjust the volume by scrolling up or down while the mouse pointer is over the panel applet.

You can quickly toggle Play/Pause by pressing the middle mouse button.