DAAP Share Source

DAAP is a network protocol that allows you to share the music stored in Rhythmbox. DAAP stands for Digital Audio Access Protocol.

As DAAP is a standard protocol for music sharing, you can listen and share music not only with other Rhythmbox users, but also with other users who use DAAP compatible software, like iTunes.

When you start Rhythmbox, it will look for all DAAP shares published on your local network (your home or your office, not the whole Internet) by other users and will display them in the side pane. If sharing is enabled, at the same time Rhythmbox will publish your library and your playlists. In this way, you can listen to music stored on your friend's computers and they can listen your music.

To disable the Rhythmbox DAAP sharing feature, see Section 14.1.4 ― Sharing in the preferences.