Rhythmbox Music Player Window

3.1. Overview

The Rhythmbox Music Player window enables you to browse and play your favorite music. Figure 1 shows the interface of the Rhythmbox Music Player with its main components.

Figure 1The Rhythmbox Music Player Window

Table 1 describes the components of Rhythmbox Music Player window.

Table 1Rhythmbox Music Player Window Components
Id Component Description
0 Application menu on the top bar Contains menus that you use to perform tasks in Rhythmbox Music Player window. (Not included in the image above.)
1 Toolbar Provides access to player functions and details about the currently playing track. Includes the time slider which displays the position of the read of a track; it enables to jump to another part of a track.
2 Side Pane Displays a list of available sources. Can also display the play queue.
3 Browser Allows to browse and filter the Library tracks by Genre, Artist or Album name. The Browser also provides a search function to display only tracks that match your criteria.
4 Tracks list Lists the tracks that belong to the selected source.
5 Statusbar Displays information about the source selected in the side pane.

3.2. The Side Pane

The side pane is where you can access your music library, internet radio, your playlists audio CDs, and the play queue. The side pane can contain the following sources:

  • The Rhythmbox Music Player library, where all of the imported tracks will appear.
  • The iRadio source, with all internet radio stations.
  • Podcasts.
  • All playlists (normal and smart).
  • Audio CD's inserted into the computer's CD drives.
  • Portable players like iPod plugged to your computer.
  • The DAAP Music shares discovered on the local network.
  • Music stores like Jamendo and Magnatune.

It can also contain the play queue if Play Queue in Side Pane in the application menu on the top bar is toggled on.

The display of the side pane can be toggled on or off by selecting Side Pane in the application menu on the top bar.

3.3. The Player Toolbar

The toolbar area provides access to details about the currently playing track. When no track is being played, this area shows no information. When a track is played, the track name is displayed, and underneath, the artist and the album names.

A tracker which shows the progress of the playing track and a time slider are also displayed. When the time slider has focus, the arrow keys can be used to Fast-Forward or Rewind the playing track.

If you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can adjust the volume by scrolling up or down while the mouse pointer is over the volume button in the right corner.

3.4. The Statusbar

The statusbar contains additional information about the number of songs and the duration of the source selected. The display of the statusbar can be toggled on or off by selecting Status Bar in the application menu on the top bar.