Radio Source

The Internet Radio tuner can be used to listen to streamed audio files over a network, local or Internet.

Figure 2Internet Radio in Rhythmbox Music Player

6.1. Adding a station

To add a new station to the Internet Radio tuner, choose Music ▸ New Internet Radio Station, then enter the URL of the Internet radio, then press the button Add.

6.2. Viewing and Changing the settings of a station

You can view and edit the settings of an Internet Radio station using the menu Music ▸ Properties.

You can also change the properties of a station by selecting the station and right-click, then choose Properties.

When you access the properties of a radio stream, you can modify its title, its genre; you can also modify the stream location, and set a rating to it.

6.3. Removing a station

To remove a radio station from the radio stations list, choose Edit ▸ Remove; you can also right-click on the station and select Remove.