Podcast Source

Podcasting is a new way to broadcast audio content over the web; when an author publishes an episode, podcast subscribers are informed, through an XML feed.

Rhythmbox Music Player enables you to subscribe to podcast feeds, so when a new episode is available you'll be informed, it will download this episode and it will play it.

You can find more information about podcasts and podcasting by visiting the definition of Podcast on the site Wikipedia.

Figure 3The Podcast interface

7.1. Podcast Management

7.1.1. Add a podcast

To register to a podcast, choose Music ▸ New Podcast Feed, then in the new window, enter the URL of the podcast feed. Rhythmbox will retrieve the list of episodes and the latest episode will be downloaded on your hard disk.

To add a new podcast feed, you can also right-click over the Podcasts source, and select New Podcast Feed.

7.1.2. Delete a podcast

To delete a podcast, right-click on the podcast feed's name in the browser, and choose Delete Podcast Feed, then choose Delete Feed Only if you want to keep the podcast's episodes, or choose Delete Feed And Item if you want to delete the feed and all its related episodes.

7.1.3. Update feeds

To know if new episodes have been published for a podcast, right-click over the podcast name in the browser and choose Update Podcast Feed. If new episodes were published, they will appear in the episode list.

Rhythmbox Music Player checks regularly, on its own, the podcast feeds list to find out if they were updated.

You can also check all podcasts, by right-clicking over the Podcasts source and choose Update All Feeds.

7.1.4. Access Podcast Feed properties

To access to the Feed properties, right-click on the Feed name, and choose Properties.

  • On the Basic tab you can view the podcast Title, Author , the Last Updated date and the Description.
  • On the Details tab you can view the feed Source, Language and the Copyright properties.
You can view the properties, and also edit the rating.

7.2. Episode Management

7.2.1. Download a podcast episode

To download an episode on your disk, right-click on the episode, and choose Download Post, Rhythmbox will start to download the episode in the location defined in the preferences. You can see the download progress of an episode in the column Status.

By default, podcasts are downloaded in folder Podcasts/ in your home directory. To change location, see Section 14.1.3 ― Podcasts.

7.2.2. Read a podcast episode

To play a podcast episode, select the episode you want to read, and choose Control ▸ Play; you can also press the button Play.

The episode have to downloaded before to read it, see Section 7.2.1 ― Download a podcast episode to know how to download a podcast episode.

7.2.3. Delete a podcast episode

To delete an episode from a podcast, right-click on the episode, and choose Delete, then choose Delete Episode Only if you to keep the episode file on your disk, or choose Delete Episode And File if you want to remove the episode from the list and delete the file from your disk.

After you delete an episode, it will no longer be available in the list of episodes, even if you update the podcast.

7.2.4. Display Podcast Episode properties

To access to the episode properties, right-click on the episode, and choose Properties.

  • On the Basic tab you can view the podcast Title, Feed, the publication Data and the Description.
  • On the Details tab you can view the podcast Source, Duration, the Bitrate, the Last Played Date, the Play count and the Rating.