Sampling Tool

Figure 8-31Sampling Tool Dialog

Use the sampling tool to take a sample of a data set. This tool can take both a random sample of a given size or a periodic sample:

random sample

A random sample is a subset of the population such that every subset of that size has the same chance of being picked.

periodic sample

In a periodic sample every kth element in the population is selected.

To use this tool, first specify the data set or data sets by setting the Input Range: entry. The range or ranges given can be grouped into datasets by rows, by columns, or by areas.

If the first entry in each data set contains a variable, select the Labels option.

Select the sampling method which can be either periodic or random.

random sample

Specify the size of the random sample in the Size of Sample: entry.

periodic sample

Specify the period in the Period: entry.

Specify the number of samples you would like to obtain in the Number of Samples: entry.

Since the period uniquely determines a periodic sample, if you specify that you would like 2 samples you will be given the identical sample twice.

If the dataset for a periodic sample is a two dimensional range, Gnumeric will enumerate the data points by row first.

Figure 8-32Some Example Data for the Sampling Tool
Example 8-6Using the Sampling Tool

Figure 8-32 shows some example data and Figure 8-33 the corresponding output.

Figure 8-33Sampling Tool Output