The worksheets in a workbook can be altered in several ways. The name of a particular worksheet can be altered. New sheets can be added. A current sheet can be duplicated or removed. The sheets can be reordered. Other sheets operations can alter the colour of the tabs or change the "protection" status of a worksheet to allow cells to be locked or hidden.

To change the name of a worksheet, right-click on its tab to access the Worksheets context menu and select Rename. Edit the New Name field and click on OK to set the new worksheet name.

You can insert a new empty sheet after the current sheet through the Sheet menu entry in the Insert menu or through the context menu which appears when you click the right mouse button on a tab.

Instead of an empty sheet, you can add a copy of the current worksheet to the workbook after the current sheet by selecting the Duplicate menu entry from the context menu.

You can remove the current sheet using the Remove menu entry from the context menu.

You can re-order worksheets from the Manage Sheets dialog.

Many of these operations can be performed at once from the Manage Sheets dialog which can be opened through the Manage Sheets... menu entry in either the Sheet submenu in the Edit menu or in the sheet tab's context menu.