Closing Gnumeric

There are several ways to close Gnumeric. The simplest is to select the File menu and then the Quit menu option at the bottom of the File.

Gnumeric can also be closed through the window manager by clicking on a close box in the window frame or through a pop-up menu. The placement of the box and the invocation of the menu depend on the particular window manager and the theme being used. If the GNOME panel is running the window list applet, clicking with the right mouse button opens a context menu with a Close which can be used to close Gnumeric.

If any changes have been made to the workbook since the last time it was saved, a dialog will open to ask what is supposed to happen to the contents of the workbook. At this point the contents of the workbook can be saved (Save), the request to close gnumeric can be cancelled (Don't Quit) or the most recent changes can be discarded (Discard). If the user decides to save the content, a second dialog may open requesting a file name, location and type for the saved workbook.

To delete files that were created by Gnumeric any graphical file manager (such as the GNOME file manager Nautilus) or the shell command rm can be used.