Printing in Gnumeric is quite simple and similar to other GNOME applications. Printing can be done using the toolbar buttons or can be accessed through the File menu. Printing usually involves configuring the page properties (like the paper type and margins), then previewing the document to be printed and finally actually printing the document.

In order to configure a worksheet for printing several parameters must be set such as the correct size of the paper sheet, the layout of the spreadsheet, headers and footers and such information. These parameters can be set once for all of the worksheets in a file or separately for each worksheet. The Page Setup... menu entry invokes a dialog through which to alter the printing parameters.

The Print Preview... menu item or toolbar button will open a window which shows what will be printed with the current configuration. By default, printing only applies to the current worksheet but this can be changed in the print dialog explained next.

The Print... menu item or toolbar button will open a dialog which allows the user to select whether to print to a printer or to a PostScript or PDF file. Various printers can be selected and the parameters of the job, such as whether to print all the worksheets or only the currently selected worksheet, can be altered. Clicking on the Print button will perform the printing task.

Printing is explained in greater detail in Chapter 15 ― Printing.