Worksheet Overview

Worksheets contain the elements, such as the cell grid area, which provide the principal work entities for Gnumeric users. The worksheet grid area allows users to enter data, develop analyses of these data, and display both data and results. Worksheets also contain graphical elements such as graphs and widgets. Worksheets are grouped into a workbook which is stored in a Gnumeric file. The manipulation of workbooks is explained in Section 12.1 ― Overview while the material below explains the manipulation of worksheets.

Worksheets contain both working elements and metadata elements. The working elements include the data contents of cells in the grid area, cell comments, cell formatting, and sheet objects, such as graphical plots. The metadata include the worksheet name and worksheet settings controlling the visual appearance of the worksheet or the display of the worksheet.

This section explains the main ways to manipulate Gnumeric worksheets. Section 11.2 ― Worksheet Navigation explains how to navigate the worksheet to change the area which is displayed and change the currently selected area. Section 11.3 ― Worksheet Display presents several alternative settings which alter the display of cell contents, of the grid area, of the worksheet as a whole or of Gnumeric itself. Section 11.4 ― General Settings explains how to alter settings which affect all the contents of the worksheet such as the status of the content protection mechanism. Section 11.5 ― Print Settings gives a brief explanation of the print settings which apply specifically to each worksheet; a more complete explanation of the print settings is given in Chapter 15 ― Printing. Finally, Section 11.6 ― Managing Worksheets explains how the entire collection of worksheets can be manipulated so as to add, duplicate, delete or re-order the worksheets within a workbook.