2.1. Öppna ett dokument

För att öppna ett dokument i PDF Mod:

  • Välj Arkiv ▸ Öppna och välj ditt dokument, eller
  • Tryck på Ctrl+O och välj ditt dokument, eller
  • Dra ett PDF-dokument från ditt skrivbord eller filbläddrare till ett PDF Mod-fönster som inte redan har ett dokument inläst, eller
  • Välj ett dokument från Arkiv ▸ Tidigare dokument.

2.2. Zooma

Zooming will make the page thumbnails bigger or smaller. PDF Mod starts in Best Fit mode, where it tries to make all the pages visible at once.

You can zoom in or out with the options under View, or by pressing Ctrl and moving your mouse's scroll wheel.

2.3. Visa och redigera egenskaper

You can view and edit the Title, Author, Keywords, and Subject of the document by opening the properties. To do so, choose File ▸ Properties, press Alt+Enter, or click the Properties button on the toolbar.

2.4. Markera sidor

PDF Mod can automatically select all pages, even-numbered pages, odd-numbered pages, or pages containing a search term. These options are available under Edit.

You can select pages manually using the keyboard and mouse as well. Use Ctrl or Shift to select more than one page.

2.5. Flytta sidor

To move (aka reorder) the selected page or pages, drag them to the position in the document to which you want them moved.

All editing actions except removing pages can be undone by choosing Edit ▸ Undo or by pressing Ctrl+Z.

2.6. Extrahera sidor

Extracting the selected page or pages will open a new PDF Mod window with just the selected pages in a new document, ready for further editing or to save.

To extract the selected page or pages, choose Edit ▸ Extract Page.

All of the editing and selection actions available under Edit are also available by right clicking on a page. Some actions are available on the toolbar as well.

2.7. Rotera sidor

To rotate the selected page or pages, choose Edit ▸ Rotate Page or press [ to rotate left (CCW) and ] to rotate right (CW).

2.8. Ta bort sidor

To remove the selected page or pages, press Delete or choose Edit ▸ Remove Page.

It is not currently possible to undo this action via Edit ▸ Undo. You can close the document without saving and open it again to get your page back, though you will lose any other changes you have made.

2.9. Spara

After making changes to the document, there are two ways to save your work. You can overwrite the original document by choosing File ▸ Save, or you can save your changes to a new file by choosing File ▸ Save As.