Orca Find

Orca's Find feature is a Flat-Review-based search designed to help you quickly locate objects that are visible on-screen within the current window.

Activating Orca Find

To open the Orca Find dialog, use the following command based on your chosen keyboard layout:

  • Desktop: KP Delete

  • Laptop: Orca Modifier+Left Bracket

For a list of additional tasks you can perform, see the Orca Find commands

When you activate Orca Find, you will be placed in a dialog box.

Here you can specify the following items:

  • The text to find

  • The location from which to begin the search, which can either be the current location or the top of the window

    Default value of Start from: Current location

  • Whether or not capitalization should be taken into account when seeking a match

    Default value of Match case: not checked

  • Whether or not to limit matches to those which match the entire word or phrase

    Default value of Match entire word only: not checked

  • Whether Find should look down and/or to the right for the next match or up and/or to the left.

    Default value of Search backwards: not checked

  • Whether or not Find should wrap around to the top/bottom of the window if there is no match found from the starting location in the direction of the search.

    Default value of Wrap around: checked

Having performed a search, you can quickly search for the next or previous match without having to return to the Orca Find dialog box.

Because it is a Flat Review feature, when there is a match, Flat Review will automatically be activated and the matching item or text will become the current review item. Note that focus within the application will not be modified, nor will the caret be repositioned. If you need to accomplish either, please see Orca's Mouse/Pointer-Related Commands.