Mouse/Pointer-Related Commands

Orca provides several commands which can be used to manipulate the mouse pointer and read the contents under it. All of the commands are "bound" to keystrokes with one exception: Toggling Mouse Review Mode. Please see Modifying Keybindings for information on how to bind this command to a keystroke.

Below you will see several references to "KP". All "KP" keys are located on the numeric keypad. You will also notice that there are different keystrokes depending upon whether you are using a desktop or a laptop -- or more accurately, whether you are using Orca's Desktop keyboard layout or its Laptop keyboard layout. For additional information, please see the Keyboard Layout topic.

  • Left-click on current item:

    • Desktop: KP Divide

    • Laptop: Orca Modifier+7

  • Right-click on current item:

    • Desktop: KP Multiply

    • Laptop: Orca Modifier+8

  • Route pointer to current item:

    • Desktop: Orca Modifier+KP Divide

    • Laptop: Orca Modifier+9

  • Move focus into or away from the current mouse over (web only):

    • Desktop: Orca Modifier+KP Multiply

    • Laptop: Orca Modifier+0

  • Enable/disable mouse review mode: (Unbound)