Keyboard Layout

Orca has two keyboard layouts: Desktop (i.e. with a numeric keypad) and Laptop. The layout you choose impacts which key is used as the Orca Modifier.

  • If you are using the Laptop layout, the default Orca Modifier will be CapsLock

  • If you are using the Desktop layout, the Orca Modifier will be both Insert and KP_Insert, the latter being the same key as KP_0.

The layout also determines the keystrokes associated with a number of Orca's commands, especially in the areas of Flat Review, Where Am I, and Say All.

Changing Your Keyboard Layout

  1. Get into the Orca Preferences dialog by pressing Orca Modifier+Space.

  2. Move to the Keyboard Layout group of radio buttons.

  3. Arrow to the desired layout.

  4. Press the Apply button.