Mouse Review

Orca's Mouse Review feature causes Orca to present the object under the mouse pointer. Unlike Orca's Flat Review feature, Mouse Review is not limited to the active window; instead, Orca will attempt to identify what accessible object, if any, is visually under the pointer as you move the mouse. If you have moved the pointer over an accessible object with information to present, Orca will present that object and its information to you.

Because enabling Mouse Review causes Orca to listen for, and then process, all changes in the position of the Mouse Pointer, this feature is disabled by default. To have it always enabled, check the Speak object under mouse checkbox found on the General page of Orca's Preferences dialog. In addition, you will find an unbound command named Toggle mouse review mode on the Key Bindings page of that same dialog box. By binding this command, as described in the Introduction to Key Bindings, you can enable and disable Mouse Review on an as-needed basis.

Default Settings and Keybindings Are Independent of One Another

Note that you can choose to have Mouse Review always enabled or not and still toggle it on and off by binding and using the Toggle mouse review mode command. It is not necessary to enable it in order to toggle it because settings and keybindings are independent of one another.