Key Bindings Preferences

Orca Modifier Keys

The Screen Reader Modifier Keys combo box allows you to select which key or keys will serve as the Orca Modifier. The available options are:

  • KP_Insert (the same key as the 0 on the numeric keypad)

  • Insert

  • Insert, KP_Insert

  • Caps_Lock

The Key Bindings Table

The key bindings table provides a list of Orca operations and the keys that are bound to them.

  • The Function column contains a description of the Orca command to be performed.

  • The Key Binding column contains the keyboard shortcut currently assigned to the Orca command. You can modify the value of this column by pressing Return, pressing the keys for the new binding, and pressing Return again.

  • The Modified column serves both as an indicator to what has been changed and as a way to restore the default bindings associated with that function.

Beneath the list of Orca keybindings, you will find a group of "unbound" commands. These are commands which we feel will be very useful for some users, but not needed by most users. Rather than "use up" a keystroke for such commands, we have left them unassigned by default. At the end of the list are the braille bindings, for use with a refreshable braille display.