Gnumeric allows users to configure the plugins which are currently in use. The Plugin Manager provides all the configuration options in one location.

The Plugin Manager can be started by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting the Plugins... menu item.

The Plugin Manager is a tabbed dialog with three tabs. The first tab, labeled Plugin List, provides a list of all the currently visible plugins, the second tab, labeled Plugin Details provides details on the plugin selected in the first tab. The third tab, labeled Directories lists the directories which are currently searched to discover new plugins.

The first tab provides a list of plugins, an explanation of each and a method to activate or de-activate the plugin. The list includes all of the plugins which have been found by Gnumeric in the directories listed in the third tab. An explanation can be obtained for each plugin by selecting the plugin from the list by placing the mouse pointer over the plugin name and clicking with the primary mouse button. The explanation will then appear in the bottom text area. The active column provides check boxes in front of each listed plugin. If the box contains a check mark, the plugin has been activated and its functionality should be available.