Languages and Locales

Gnumeric can be run in many languages with settings for number formats, currencies and dates appropriate to each particular area. Unfortunately, this aspect of the program is exceedingly complex and requires the proper participation of the underlying operating system. This dependency makes it impossible for this manual to provide a complete explanation. The operating system should include a complete discussion of locales and location settings.

By default, Gnumeric finds the configuration currently used by the user and sets the language and locale settings appropriately.

It is also possible to run Gnumeric using the language and locale settings for a different place. This should be possible simply by redefining the LC_ALL environmental variable. For example, using the bash shell it should be possible, within a terminal, type:

LC_ALL=fr_FR gnumeric &
to make gnumeric open with its menus displayed in French and using the french convention for numbers and currency.