Finding Keys Quickly

To locate keys quickly, Configuration Editor allows you to search the key names in GConf. Additionally, you can use bookmarks to find directories of keys that you need to access frequently.

5.1. Using Bookmarks

To access a directory location in your bookmarks, choose the location from the Bookmarks menu. You can add and remove directory locations to your Bookmarks menu.

To add a bookmark, select the location that you want to bookmark in the tree pane. Choose Bookmarks ▸ Add Bookmark.

To delete a bookmark, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose Bookmarks ▸ Edit bookmarks.

  2. Select the bookmark in the Edit bookmarks dialogue, then click Delete.

  3. Click Close.

5.2. Searching for Keys

To search for keys, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose Edit ▸ Find.

  2. Enter the keyword you want to search for in the Search for field. You can also select the optional check boxes Search also in key names and Search also in key values. If these check boxes are not selected, the search will only be performed on folder names. Selecting these boxes will expand the search parameters.

  3. Click Find.

The results from the search will appear in the results pane. To move through the results list, first select that pane. Then you can move through the results with the scroll bar or the arrow keys. The information for the selected key or folder will appear in the rest of the window.