Icons and Key Types

The icons beside the keys in the modification pane indicate what type of value you can enter for the key. The following list shows the possible icons and what types of values they represent.

Boolean key

Can be either true or false. Configuration Editor will provide a check box for this type of key.

Number key

Can hold numbers. These can be either integer or floating point (fractional) numbers.

String key

Can hold any string of text.

Schema key

Used for documenting other keys. The documentation for each key is provided by a separate key, typically under the /schemas directory. Users and system administrators usually will not need to work with schema keys directly.

List key

Lists of arbitrary length. Each element of the list must be of the same type, and one of the primitive types of boolean, number, or string.

Pair key

Can hold exactly two values. The two values must be one of the primitive types, but they do not have to be the same type. Currently, Configuration Editor is unable to edit pair keys.


Used when Configuration Editor does not understand the type of key. The blank icon is also currently used for pair keys.