To modify the preferences of Totem Movie Player, choose Edit ▸ Preferences.

5.1. General


Select network connection speed from the Connection speed drop-down list.

Text Subtitles
  • Automatically load subtitle files: select this option to automatically load any subtitle files with the same filename as a movie when the movie is loaded.
  • Font: select this option to change the font used to display subtitles.
  • Encoding: select this option to change the encoding used to display subtitles.

5.2. Display

  • Select the resize option if you want Totem Movie Player to automatically resize the window to the size of the video when a new video is loaded.
  • Select the screensaver option if you want to allow the screensaver to activate when playing audio files. Some monitors with integrated speakers may stop playing music when the screensaver is activated.
Visual Effects
  • Visual: select this option to show visual effects while an audio file is playing.
  • Type of visualization: select type of visualization from the drop-down list.
  • Visualization size: select visualization size from the drop-down list.
Color balance
  • Brightness: use the slider to specify the level of brightness.
  • Contrast: use the slider to specify the level of contrast.
  • Saturation: use the slider to specify the level of saturation.
  • Hue: use the slider to specify the level of hue.

You may use the Reset to Defaults button to reset the color balance controls to their default positions.

5.3. Audio

Audio Output

Select audio output type from the Audio output type drop-down list.