Playing GNOME Tali

Figure 1GNOME Tali in action

When play starts, you see the results of your first throw of the dice.

  1. Click on the dice you wish to roll again.
  2. When you have selected all the dice you wish to reroll, press the Roll! button.
  3. When you have a hand you like, or have run out of chances to throw the dice, click on a row corresponding to what you think is your best scoring combination. It is very possible to have a score of zero and if you click on the wrong row, you will be scored accordingly. (Say for example, you get yahtzee – 5 of a kind – and click on the large straight row, you will receive a zero in your large straight score).

You can only use each combination once, i.e. once you've entered something in a slot, you can't change the score later if you roll a better hand.

There is one exception to this rule: if you roll a yahtzee a second time you can put it in the yahtzee row again for an extra fifty points. You can keep doing this each time you get another yahtzee. At the end of the game you will be given extra rolls to fill in the other rows. Be warned that if you score zero in your yahtzee row (i.e. you filled that row with something that wasn't a yahtzee) then you can't put a yahtzee in afterward, zero is all you will score.

There is also a bonus of 35 points if you score a total of 63 points or more in the top six rows.

2.1. Using the keyboard

As an alternative to using the mouse, the keys 1 through 5 toggle the dice just as if you had clicked them. The key 1 corresponds to the first die and so on. Use the usual controls to roll the dice and select a row. i.e. use Tab to switch between the roll button and the score area, use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the rows and use space to select.