Change the expiration date of your keys

If your PGP key has expired but you wish to continue its use, you can change its expiry date. You can also change the expiration settings to have a key expire on an earlier date.

To change the expiration date of a PGP key:

  1. Select the PGP key from the list.

  2. Right click on the selected key and select Properties.

  3. In the new dialog, select the Details tab.

    • To change the expiration date of the master key, press the small button with the picture of a calendar next to Expires, on the right side of the dialog. You can then select the new expiration date from the calendar.

    • To change the expiration date of a subkey, expand the Subkeys panel and select the subkey from the list. Press the Expire button on the left of the panel and select the new expiration date.

If you are changing the expiration date of a key that has been published, you must synchronize the key with the key server after making the desired changes.