Synchronize your keys

PGP keys in your keyring have to be synchronized with a key server to ensure that any changes made to the key on the key server, like a new signature, are updated in your local copy of the key. Similarly, when you change information on your local key copy, like the expiration date, or when you sign someone's key, you should synchronize the keys to update the changes on the remote copy of the key. You need a working Internet connection to synchronize your keys.

How do I synchronize a key?

  1. Select the PGP key you wish to synchronize.

  2. Select Remote ▸ Sync and Publish Keys….

  3. Click the Sync button to synchronize your key.

Why is the Sync button not clickable?

Only PGP keys that have been published on a key server can be synchronized. If the Sync button is not clickable, check if the key has been published on a key server. In the case of synchronizing your own keys, publish them, before synchronizing them.