View stored passwords

If you ever forget a password stored in Passwords and Keys, you can view the contents of the stored password in Passwords and Keys to refresh your memory.

To view your passwords:

  1. Select View ▸ By keyring.

  2. Unlock the password keyring that contains your password. A list of passwords stored in the keyring will be displayed.

  3. Right click on the password you want to check, and select Properties.

  4. Expand the Passwords panel, if necessary, and tick the Show password checkbox to view the password.

Since the contents of any unlocked keyrings are available to programs you may be running, and Passwords and Keys does not seek to give a false sense of security, the contents of unlocked keyrings are able to be viewed without entering the password.

This means that if you are logged-in, the contents of the Login keyring will available without entering a password from Passwords and Keys.

If you need to lend your computer to another person, it is recommended that you create a user account for them, or allow them to use a guest account.