Store your passwords

Passwords and Keys automatically stores passwords for certain GNOME applications in the Login keyring. Additionally, you can store any other password you want to remember.

To create a new stored password:

  1. Select File ▸ New….

  2. Select Stored Password from the list and press Continue.

  3. Select the password keyring in which you want to store your password from the Keyring menu.

  4. You can add additional information about the password in the Description field, like the date of creation, or the name of the application it protects, etc.

  5. Type the password in the Password field. You can tick the Show password checkbox if you want to see the password text while typing it out.

  6. Press the Add button to finish.

The default keyring is displayed as the first choice in the Keyring drop down menu. You can change the default keyring.