This section describes the preferences settable in Encryption and Keyrings.

5.1. Encryption Preferences

This section describes the preferences settable by choosing System ▸ Preferences ▸ Encryption and Keyrings from the panel.

5.1.1. Encryption Settings

Default Key

This is the key that will be used by applications and plugins to sign files. It will also be the key that files will be encrypted to if encrypt to self is selected.

When encrypting, always include myself as a recipient

Sets the encrypt to self option, whether or not you will be added to the recipients list for all files that are encrypted.

If you do not select this and you do not select yourself as a recipient you will not be unable to decrypt any files you encrypt.

5.1.2. Passphrase Cache

Enabling the passphrase caching ability will allow you to perform many operations that require entering your passphrase without re-entering it every time. seahorse-agent takes the place of gpg-agent. Letting the cached passphrases expire is usually a good idea. This will then require re-entering your passphrase, but adds security.

Never remember passphrases

Sets to not remember any passphrase.

Remember passphrases for ... minutes

Sets the amount of time, in minutes, for storing passphrases. Use the spin box to set the desired time.

Always remember passphrases whenever logged in

Sets to remember any passphrases whenever you are logged in the session.

Ask me before using a cached passphrase

Sets to ask you before using a stored passphrase.

Automatically load Secure Shell keys

Sets to automatically cache any Secure Shell key.