Connect to an IRC Network

The first time you start Polari you will be asked to join a network. Polari comes with over fifty IRC networks configured for you. Choose the IRC Network you would like to connect to and click on it.

If you do not see the IRC network you would like to join, you can also enter the details of the IRC network. Click the Custom Network button and enter the Server Address. You can optionally enter the name of the network as you want it to appear in the list of networks in the Network Name field.

After you have connected to an IRC Network, you can also connect to other IRC Networks.

  1. Press on the + in the top left corner.

  2. Press Add Network and select the IRC network from the list you would like to join or press Custom Network and enter the details.

  3. Enter the name of the chat room you would like to join or select the chat room(s) from the list and then press Join.

  4. Press the Join button to connect to the room or rooms.

If the IRC network you are connecting to uses a custom port, you can append it to the name of the network with a colon and the port number, for example