Use a nickname password on IRC

On some IRC networks, you can register your nickname with a service called NickServ. By sending special messages to NickServ, you can set your password and identify yourself. Some IRC chat rooms may not allow you to join without a registered nickname.

Polari does not currently support nickname registration automatically. Each IRC network handles registering a specific nickname differently and you will need to check with the IRC network on how to register your nickname. After you have registered a nickname, you will need to message NickServ to identify yourself after connecting to the IRC Network with the following command:

  1. /msg NickServ identify username password

  2. Press Enter

Use the username and password you registered with the IRC network with this command.

Polari will remember your username and password and the next time you connect to the IRC network Polari will automatically register you with the Nickserv service.

These instructions only allow you to use a password-protected nickname on certain IRC networks. It is not currently possible to register an IRC nickname or change your nickname password using Polari.