Recording Input and Output

moserial can be used to record your sent and received data to a file. This function is also useful for receiving and storing straight binary data dumped from a remote device. For instance, some oscilloscopes will dump screenshots to a serial port, without using any error correction protocols (like the Tektronix 11801).

When you are ready to record to a file, simply click Record, select the desired data to record (Incoming and/or Outgoing) in the Stream to Record selection box, and enter the filename in the filechooser area.

When recording begins, the Record button will change into a Stop Recording button. You will need to click this when you wish to stop recording, or you have received the entire binary file that you wanted to download.

moserial can optionally launch the recorded file with the default application for its file type, when recording has finished. It can also terminate recording after a period of inactivity. Use the Preferences dialog to enable or disable these features.

Note that if you wish to receive files using an error correction protocol (xmodem, ymodem, or zmodem), you will need to use the Receive File function instead. Unlike the Record function, the Receive File function can automatically determine when the file download is complete.