Use Find

You can search text in the Terminal output:

  1. Select Search ▸ Find….

  2. Type in the search keyword and press Find. To cancel, press Close.

You can search using the following options to narrow down your results:

Match case

Make the search case sensitive: this restricts results to only those that match the case of your search keyword.

Match entire word only

Terminal will look for the entire keyword and will ignore results that partially match your search keyword. For example, if you have searched for "gnome", Terminal will show only results that match this keyword exactly and omit results such as "gnome-terminal".

Match as regular expression

You can use regular expression patterns, also known as regex patterns, in your search keywords. Terminal will display the results that match these search terms.

Search backwards

Terminal will search for the keyword from the latest output and continue the search upwards. This option is recommended when you are looking for a keyword that could have occurred recently, thus enabling you to find the keyword quickly.

Wrap around

Terminal searches from your current location in the scrollback to the end of available terminal output and then restarts the search from the top.

If you expect to work with a lot of Terminal output, increase the scrollback lines to a higher limit to allow Terminal to search further back.