Playing Klotski

3.1. To Start Klotski

You can start Klotski from the Applications menu by choosing Games ▸ Gnotski.

3.2. The main window

When you start Klotski, the following window is displayed.

Figure 2Klotski Start Up Window

The Klotski window contains the following elements:

Game menu

The game menu allows you to start new games, view the highest scores and quit the program.

Help menu

The help menu allows you to view the documentation for Klotski

Game area

The game area shows the blocks in the current game. You can drag the blocks around with the mouse as described in Section 3.4 ― Moving blocks.


The statusbar shows how many moves you have taken so far.

3.3. Starting a new game

Use the Game menu to start a new game. The items Next Puzzle and Previous Puzzle allows you to navigate the puzzles sequentially. Each puzzle belongs to one of the three categories found in the submenus named HuaRong Trail, Challenge Pack and Skill Pack.In these submenus, each puzzle name refers to a game scenario.

Example 1Starting a game

To start a game, choose Game ▸ [category] ▸ [game scenario]

3.4. Moving blocks

To move a block, click on it, hold down the mouse button and drag it to its new location. You cannot move the green blocks or the block that borders the game. You cannot move a block to a space already occupied by another block, with the exception that you may move the patterned block through the green blocks to win.