Share your personal files

You can allow access to the Public folder in your Home folder from another computer on the network. Configure Personal File Sharing to allow others to access the contents of the folder.

You must have the gnome-user-share package installed for Personal File Sharing to be visible.

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Sharing.

  2. Click on Sharing to open the panel.

  3. If the Sharing switch in the top-right of the window is set to off, switch it to on.

    If the text below Computer Name allows you to edit it, you can change the name your computer displays on the network.

  4. Select Personal File Sharing.

  5. Switch the Personal File Sharing switch to on. This means that other people on your current network will be able to attempt to connect to your computer and access files in your Public folder.

    A URI is displayed by which your Public folder can be accessed from other computers on the network.



To require other people to use a password when accessing your Public folder, switch the Require Password switch to on. If you do not use this option, anyone can attempt to view your Public folder.



The Networks section lists the networks to which you are currently connected. Use the switch next to each to choose where your personal files can be shared.