Change the desktop and lock screen backgrounds

You can change the image used for your backgrounds or set it to be a solid color.

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Settings.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click Background in the sidebar to open the panel.

  4. Select Background or Lock Screen.

  5. There are three choices displayed on top:

    • Select Wallpapers to use one of the many professional background images that ship with GNOME. Some wallpapers change throughout the day. These wallpapers have a small clock icon in the bottom-right corner.

    • Select Pictures to use one of your own photos from your Pictures folder. Most photo management applications store photos there. If you would like to use an image that is not in your Pictures folder, either use Files by right-clicking on the image file and selecting Set as Wallpaper, or Image Viewer by opening the image file, clicking the menu button in the titlebar and selecting Set as Wallpaper.

    • Select Colors to just use a flat color.

  6. The settings are applied immediately.

  7. Switch to an empty workspace to view your entire desktop.